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From my earliest childhood recollections I ALWAYS wanted to be surrounded by dogs!
And I was. Sort of.... Our Family photo album holds memories of my mom’s first involvement with showing dogs. Two Dobermans, Carlo & Fancy.... My mom reminisces about taking me, at a very young age, to a few shows & matches – where I whined with boredom. Eventually she placed these two dogs because they had a propensity to bite our neighbors!
While still a small child, born was my Dream to own a Collie like Lassie and to one day open up my front door to a National Park like setting and have my Collies frolicking around me much like the tales of Lad and Sunnybank Farms in the Terhune Novels I so CHERISHED reading & collecting.... .
My life hasn’t taken me far from that Dream.
When I was six my mother remarried and our family moved to the "suburbs" of San Mateo, CA.
As I grew up I started horseback riding lessons and joined 4-H where I began showing and breeding Rex Rabbits. I continually begged my parents for a Collie. They pacified me with a lil poodle given to us by a neighbor. My parents told me, "when you are 12, and your poodle passes on"....
Finally, when I was fourteen, it was apparent my lil poodle, who by this time was 16 years old, and one eyed, three legged, and had a bad heart, was going to outlive us all, they gave me a choice ~ continue in horses or get my long awaited COLLIE. After much contemplation I choose to get a dog.... Because it would be able to sleep on my bed!!
We eagerly researched Breeders and found a local Breeder of quality show Collies. We went to "look".... with the hopes of "getting on a list" for a Sable.  We came home with a Blue Merle already named "Todd"!! He introduced me to Obedience and Conformation. Ironically, he is the only dog I have ever put a Obedience Degree on !
Whilst my mom was taking me to fun matches and dog shows with "Todd" she decided she was, once again, going to pursue her Passion, "The Doberman Pinscher". We researched local Breeders and landed at the home of Janet & Richard Packham of JanRic Dobermans. We were in pursuit of a black bitch and came home with a RED!
After I put a CD on my Collie is was apparent he was not going to materialize into a Conformationally showable dog. Nor did he LIKE obedience. (BIG LESSON in trying to MAKE a dog do what he HATES!!) So I eventually let him go live with a neighbor while I turned my attention to our Doberman, "Pele"....  It wasn’t difficult to change my allegiance to the Doberman. I found their Charisma, Loyalty, and Sheer "Humanness" an undeniable choice for me.  And, well, the rest is really History!!

My Dream comes full circle, only with Dobermans!
and "the REST OF THE STORY"....    Michelle

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