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Abbreviations before a dogs name.
Ch. :  AKC conformation "Championship" requirements have been met. If there are Abbreviations before this title it denotes countries that the dog may also have a "Ch" in. (ie; Can.Ch. - Canadian / Ch.Mex.Ch. - Mexican)
Abbreviations after a dogs name
CD :  AKC "Companion Dog" obedience degree attained.
CDX :  AKC "Companion Dog Excellent" obedience degree attained.
UD :  AKC "Utility Dog", the third step of a four tier obedience degree attained.
UDX :  AKC "Utility Dog Excellent" obedience degree.
TD :  AKC "Tracking" title has been attained.
TDX :  AKC "Tracking Dog Excellent" title.
CGC :  "Canine Good Citizen" degree, AKC title that tests a dogs ability to mingle with society.
WAE :  "Working Aptitude Evaluation" the Doberman Pinscher Club of America developed & sponsors this test to evaluate the "Working Aptitude" of Dobermans. Learn more about the test's requirements by visiting the DPCA web site. The tests are given occasionally throughout the year.
WAC :  "Working Aptitude Certificate" issued to Dobermans 18 months or older that pass the Working Aptitude Evaluation and have NO other titles.
ROM :  "Register of Merit". The WAC certificate turns into ROM when a Doberman passes the WAE, attains a AKC specified "Performance" title (ie; obedience/agility/tracking etc) and further attains a AKC Conformation Championship. A "ROM" certificate is issued to said dog. This is a very prestigious award as it denotes "functionality/versatility" as well at "brains" in our Dobermans.
ThD : is Love On A Leash therapy dog. TDInc is a separate therapy dog registration so they can work with the visually challenged without wearing a coat, only a collar. works better for hands on.
e:sv : "Elderly: Senior Visits" which requires an additional 50 hours of service
VCD : Versatility Companion Dog.  A title awarded by AKC for a dog that has earned titles in agility, obedience and tracking. Level 1 requires a CD, TD, NA and NAJ; Level 2 requires a CDX, TD, OA and OAJ; Level 3 requires a UD, TDX, AX and AXJ.

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