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Irene Hentrick

I have had Foxfire Dobermans for over 18 yrs and during most of that time I have also met many other people with Foxfire dogs. Some competed in conformation or other dogs sports, some were involved with therapy or SAR, and some were very treasured family pets. Alot of those I met were on their 2nd or 3rd (or more) Foxfire dog and happy as could be. The many first time Foxfire owners were equally as happy and proud that Michelle would trust them to own one of her puppies. I think the two disgruntled people lose sight of a simple fact....These are animals we are talking about. Mother nature is not always consistent or make guarantees. It shocks me that a veterinarian would not know or acknowledge this and proceed to breed the bitch she complained about. We take a gamble whenever we own an animal, especially one gotten as a youngster, before the traits we desire emerge. Michelle is a true "Boots on the ground" dedicated breeder and anyone who doesn't see this is in denial. Hang in there my friend! We all know the sacrifices you make for your beloved Dobermans and appreciate it. 2 unreasonable complainers that refuse your offers of restitution are buried under the myriad of happy Foxfire owners that you ALWAYS make time for.

Crystal Gray Sherriffs
(response to Irene Hetrick above)

I 100% agree! We have a 1 year old amazing Foxfire male dobie & we pick up our female Foxfire pup next month! Michelle is so incredible with her strong dedication to such beautiful & terrific temperament dobies! Our Foxfire pup fully exceeded all our hopes, he is the sweetest, most loving, gorgeous dobie And Michelle is always there for any & all questions all the way with your pup! Thanks Michelle M. Santana !!!

Betsy Bayha & Dave Guzeman

So, how did we become long term members of the Foxfire family?  In 1994 we lost our 13+ year old bitch and our beloved younger male went into a deep funk, as did my husband.  While it was urgent to add another female Doberman into our family, it was not so easy in those pre-Internet days--particularly since we did not regularly attend shows or participate in the Doberman community.  So, I got on the phone.  Contacts led to contacts and finally to  Michelle M. Santana.  (It turned out that she had mentioned just that morning that she was going to make a retained puppy available to a pet home.)  I remembered Michelle from the puppy on a rock picture and was totally game to get a "fancy" puppy like that.  I reached Michelle by phone that day and insisted on showing up that evening, checkbook and references in hand (just in case)  We left with my heart dog, Isolde, by the talented Demon son Deacon.  Isolde was so very  pretty, so stable and so much fun--and our male dog totally agreed.  (I will never forget the look in his eyes that evening when we brought her home:   "A puppy girl?  For me?  Oh, frabjous day!!!!").  Isolde was the first out of 5 Foxfire girls (3 pets; 2 show) to join our family over the past 24 years. (We have had daughters of Deacon, Demon, Jet and Cancun.)  Three of our girls are no longer with us, but two of them are longevity certified. We currently have a 10+ girl and a 2+ girl (that we are showing conformation and training in obedience ).  We have confidently referred to Michelle those rare friends passionate about having a Doberman in the family--and one of them is already on his second Foxfire dog.  Love our Foxfire girls.

Kim Goeggel

Michelle M. Santana - Foxfire Dobermans. Thank you for the two most wonderful “kids” that I have ever been owned by. Their beauty takes my breath away but it is their brain that never ceases to amaze me. Please don’t ever give up on your vision of breeding the most incredible dogs in the breed. You have changed many lives by the companionship your dogs have given to many many people. I know our two have been there with me through thick and thin and made me smile when I didn’t think I could. Love you and your dogs

Kate Meltzer

Don't let crazy get you down. Besides, Foxfire Dobes breed creek freaks! #thebest ❤

Tammy Markey

Thank you Michelle M. Santana everyone of my Foxfire and Electron Dobermans have there ROM. Can you say do it all Dobermans!!!!!����

Heidi Gast-Wilson

Michelle M. Santana We couldn't be happier with our Foxfire babies and are very grateful for all of your contributions to this wonderful breed!  Blayze, our Jet and Image daughter is going on 11 and Vader, a Rayden son and litter mate to Image lived until 12, both without any health issues their entire lives.  Billy our first Foxfire and a Demon son was the love of our life, one of the very special ones, and the one who got my husband hooked on the breed. They are truly Health, Brains, Beauty and a wonderful loving temperament  all packaged together. Here is Blayze sending her love and still running around happy as can be at almost 11 years old.

The Engstroms

Uschi says  'Good morning Michelle!   We are so blessed to have this healthy little spitfire in our lives and so thankful she has a strong Foxfire lineage!   Thank you for all you do as a breeder and mentor!

Karen Genneken

From the day we picked him up from you at a dog show, (and even though you could have claimed you were too busy, you walked back with us to our room and cuddled him on your lap before handing over the reins), to Valor's 1st year birthday where his regal look shines thru (despite his fleece coat) - this Foxfire Doberman - you know, the smartest puppy in the world - has grabbed our hearts so fully.  He is the combination of all the positive things we have loved about all our prior Dobermans.  Thank you too for suggesting we participate in the Embark  DNA testing through the Doberman Diversity Project which is gathering as much data as possible to understand the health issues and contributors to longevity in this breed.  (He was clear on all 163 health tests and indicators)

Craig Bolen

Just wanted to thank Michelle again for trusting me with the best dog ever. I couldn't have asked for a better dog and couldnt have asked for a better breeder.


The Bartlett’s

Michelle M. Santana .. you are the BEST !!!! Look at the blessing you gave us.

Steve Ni

Another wonderful friday and another reason to thank Michelle M. Santana for bringing us this little angel, who is turning 6 months next week!

Tammy Kaplan

My name is "Baby Ray" aka Ch. Foxfire's Tell Me You Love Me. I "finished" really fast and got 2 back-to-back five-point majors whatever that means. I have a condition that my mom calls "kitty brain." The only thing I know is that I absolutely love the kitty. I love chasing her and I love pushing her with my nose. I can sit and stare at her for hours while I suck on my blanket. I also love my Doberman companion, Danika. She's a Foxfire too. She is so much fun - we chase, we play, and we dig huge holes in the back yard together while eating dirt. My human mom loves both of us so much and says she feels blessed to have us! Thank you Michelle M. Santana!

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